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Lecture 2

Astronomy 2021A/B Lecture 2: UnitQuiz-2Exam

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ASTR 2021A/B
Martin Zinke- Allmang

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From Chapter 4:
Question 1:
The general intellectual climate of a culture is referred to as
A) canon
B) guano
C) Zeitgeist
D) converging operations
E) confounds
Question 2:
Darwin was not the first to suggest that species evolve, but
he was the first to suggest that
A) evolution occurs through natural selection
B) cultures rarely evolve
C) evolution occurs by genetics
D) mammals do not evolve
E) sex is an important component of evolution for all living
Question 3:
Fitness in the Darwinian sense refers to an organism’s ability
A) survive and contribute large numbers of fertile offspring
to the next generation
B) remain healthy
C) win fights
D) survive
E) avoid predation
Question 4:
Which of the following is not true?
A) All mammals are chordates
B) All chordates are vertebrates
C) All reptiles are vertebrates
D) All mammals are vertebrates
E) All vertebrates are chordates
Question 5:
Birds and reptiles are
A) amphibians
B) chordates
C) vertebrates
D) all of the above
E) both B and C
Question 6:
Mammals evolved directly from
A) reptiles
B) fish
C) amphibians
D) prosimians
E) primates
Question 7:
Australopithecines, the first hominins, are thought to have
evolved about *** years ago. Note: in this and subsequent
questions, "***" denotes missing term(s) which you have to
choose from the answer choices.
A) 100 million
B) 150 million
C) 90 million
D) 6 million
E) 100 thousand
Question 8:
Australo means ***; pithecus means ***.
A) African; gorilla
B) southern; ape
C) African; chimpanzee
D) African; ape
E) African; man
Question 9:
The last surviving hominin species is
A) Australopithecus
B) Homo sapiens
C) prosimians
D) lemurs
E) tree shrews
Question 10:
Convergent evolution produces structures that are
A) convergent
B) analogous
C) homologous
D) both A and C
E) both B and C
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