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Lecture 1

Astronomy 1011 Lecture 1: Learning+Outcomes+ch1-ch5

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Astronomy 1011A/B
Reynold Silber

Astronomy 1011A, Section 650 Summer 2015 Learning Outcomes: Chapters 15 1 Our Place in the Universe Arrange the basic levels of structure in the universe in order of increasing size. Summarize the major cosmic events that prepared the way for life on Earth. Express approximate relationships between the sizes and distances of astronomical objects using scale models. Describe how the major events leading from the Big Bang to the appearance of humans on Earth are related in time. Explain why we see objects at great distances as they were in the distant past. Explain why we cannot observe the entire universe. Describe how Earth rotates and moves through space. Describe how the average distances between galaxies are changing with time. 2 Discovering the Universe for Yourself Describe what can be seen in the sky with nakedeye observations. Identify Earths axis tilt as the primary reason for its seasons. Explain how axis tilt affects the number of daylight hours and t
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