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Astronomy 2021B

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Western University
Astronomy 2021A/B
William Fisher

Astronomy Jovian Moons  4 Largest Moons of Jupiter were found by Galileo (Galilean Moons)  Saturn’s Largest Moon was found by Huygen  Slide 14: These moons are formed in a smaller but very similar way to how planets were formed – spinning disk of gas and dust  Jovian moons still have rock but because they are further from the Sun, they have ice  Slide 18: Triton might have been caught, and in that process tossed its own moons releasing excess energy and getting caught in Neptune’s orbits in a backwards direction  Slide 19: We cannot see the back side of the moon since its rotation is synchronized with Earth’s orbit, causing it to always face us  Slide 21: The axis that the moon is on causes stronger gravitational forces and creates HIGH tides on BOTH the left side and right side of the Earth  Slide 23: As Earth’s gravity is stronger than the moon, it has caused the moon’s rotation to slow down and maintain the moon’s “bulge” facing the Earth at all times – Slide 22 shows that the moon also does that to Earth but because it is weaker, it doesn’t have a locking effect for earth  Slide 29: Io still has volcanism and hasn’t cooled down because of Tidal Heat. It’s elliptical orbit causes different distances at different cycles around Jupiter
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