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Astronomy 1021
Chris Racknor

-ţŦ Vf¾ ¯ ›f›¾¯ť Ŵ@¾° ¾¯¾ –°f° ¯f°n°f °¾ŦƷ€¾ f¾¾¯¾¯f¾¾ Ŵ@¾°n°¾¯ °°¾€¯f¾¾ °°–fn¾n° Ŵ@¾ ¾¾¯n°¾ ¾¾€¾°f°¾n ¾ f ©n¾f ¾° @¾ ©n¾fť Ŵ½ f°¾ Ŵ° °¯°¾ Ŵ f€½ f°¾ Ŵ °¾€¾¯f ¾¾nf¾f¾ ¾ţn¯¾ţ! ½ ©n¾ @°°9f°¾ť Ŵ,n ¾¯f€¯f f°n f f– °nf ¾f f–f°¯° Ŵ,n ¾¾ fţnfţf° °–ţf ţf°¾½n €€¾ Ŵ,n ¾f°n –ff"#–¾ °ff°Ŵ–¾f° –% ŴI°¾ ¾°f ° nf °¾ &f ¾¾€fn ¾ °n ¾ ŴI°¾f¾ ¾n° °¾f°¯–°¾€€nf° ¾°f°,nf–¾ °ff°° – Ŵff¾° ¾€fn ' f °¾ f¾¾¯f°f¾½ ¾ °– f–¯° Ŵ@f ¾° ° °½ fn € Ŵ,f¾ ¾fn ¾ Ŵ,f¾f¾– f° nf°¾ţf–nf°°ţ½ fnf½¾ţf°¯ ŴJf€ °,f¾ ° ¾f°½f¾" €°f¾ €n f° €% Ŵ@ff°¯€fn ,f¾¯ ¾¾ °¾"f° f°n °-¯#% @ 9f°¾ť Ŵ ½ ¾¯¯f¾¾ f°f ½ f°¾n¯ °"(f¾¯f¾¾% Ŵ ½ ¾¯f€¯¾ –°f° ¯f°¾°ff¾ ¾€fn Ŵ ½ f¾¯f°¯°¾f° °–¾ Ŵ ½ ¾¯°¾nf°f¾ °¾ °–f¾½ f°¾¯¾ ¾"¾½n f €f f°¯°¾% Ŵ ½ ¾f f°¯°¾f*"f¾fn nf°¾f %ţ½f"f¾f½¾¾ ¾¾€fnnf°%ţ f°¯" f–¾¯° °¾ f¾¾¯%ţf°f ¾"f f–nf nf % Ŵf° ¾– f°f°–f¾¾ ½ f°f¾¾½nfn f °–¾f°¯f°¯°¾ Ŵf°¾ °–¾f¯f€¯f°¾¯f n°¾€ nf°nfff ° °¯°¾ ŴDf°¾ ¾f° n– f°f ¾¾¯f f° ½ f°f°¯n f–f°f ŴDf°¾ ¾¯f€–°f° ¯–f¾f°–°n¯½°¾"+ ,ţ-+ ţ# % ( ŴDf°¾f¾f°¯f ¾ f°¯f°¯°¾f° °–¾ Ŵ-½° ¾¾¯f f°Df°¾ ¾n f° ¾¾f ¾ Ŵ-½°f¾¯f°¯°¾"¯°@ ° ¾ ––f°9 f° ¾fn f¾% Ŵ9 "f° f€½ f°¾%f nf°¯n¾¯f f°¯f©½ f°¾ Ŵ9 ¾¯f °¯°f° ¾f ¯¾f –f¾9 ¾ € @¾ff°f°9f°¾ť W^^W_`^S SZW`_ [bSZ SZW`_ SW^_WSZVS__ S^YW^_WSZVS__ Y
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