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Neutron Stars

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Astronomy 1021
Chris Racknor

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Feb 14 12 Neutron Stars Neutron star is ball of neutrons left behind by the collapse of the iron core in massive star SNe Evidence for formation from neutrinos from supernova explosions Just like WD gravity is resisted by degeneracy pressure however since there are no electrons in neutron stars this time it is the neutrons that are closely packed together Sizes and Masses More massive than the sun size of a city typically only 10km in radius and extremely compact and dense objects A paper clip with neutron star density would outweigh Mount EverestStrong gravity causes escape velocity at the surface of the neutron star to be about half the speed of light Precise properties are somewhat unknown and it is difficult to recreate those conditions in the lab How Pulsars were Discovered Jocelyn Bell in 1967 saw strange pulses of radio waves were arriving from somewhere near the direction of the constellation Cygnus at regular intervals of 1337301 seconds Source at that time unknown Little Green Men source called LGM1 Such rapidly pulsing radio sources are pulsars This discovery was awarded Nobel Prize for advisorSoon pulsars were found to be at the center of the Crab Nebula and the Vela nebula two known supernova remnants Clearly pulsars have something to do with massive star supernovae and were associated with the neutron stars that are believed to be the leftovers of these supernovae Pulsar Mechanism Upon collapse of the iron core of massive stars conservation of angular momentum means that th
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