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Stellar Remnants

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Astronomy 1021
Chris Racknor

Feb 14 12 Stellar Remnants Gravity Wells and Escape Velocity On Earth escape velocity is 113 kms to escape Earths gravity thats the minimum speed Suppose Earth were much more massive while keeping its size then gravity would be stronger therefore escape velocity would be higherBlack Hole Concept Black holes escape velocity is higher than the speed of light therefore nothing can escape the black hole since nothing can go faster than c Black Hole Name Black because no light can escape hence the compact object itself is invisible Hole because a black hole really is like a hole in the observable universeIf you enter a black hole you leave the region of the Universe that we can observe with a telescope and you can never return Black Holes and You Some aspects about Black Holes are counterintuitive and difficult to grasp and moreover a lot of weird things happen around black holes A black hole is not like an interstellar vacuum cleaner A black hole does not suck in matter and is just a much more compact form of the same amount of mass If the Sun turned into a black hole the force of gravity on Earth would still be exactly the same as before so the orbit would not change at all after all gravity determined by mass Event Horizon The boundary between the inside of a black hole and the universe outside is called the Event Horizon which is the point at which the escape velocity equals the speed of light Outside this event horizon light can get away so there is no sucking in Nothing that passes within this boundary c
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