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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Beth Mac Dougall- Shackleton

Topic 15 ATP synthesis ADP + P i ATP Topic 15 learning objectives • Summarize how energy flows from reduced electron carriers to ATP in the process of oxidative phosphorylation • Explain the chemiosmotic hypothesis • Explain the mechanism of ATP synthase, including the role of each subunit of the E. coli enzyme Topic 15 learning objectives • State the number of protons that move across the inner mitochondrial membrane to synthesize and export one ATP molecule, and justify that number • Calculate how much ATP can be obtained by aerobic or anaerobic metabolism of one molecule of glucose • Predict the effects of inhibiting elements of the oxidative phosphorylation system Proton gradient from electron transport • Electron transport chain pumps protons out of the mitochondrial matrix Intermembrane space pH ~ 7 Matrix pH ~ 7.5 Protonmotive force • Two components: concentration gradient and electrical potential Fig 14-10 Chemiosmotic hypothesis • In 1961 Peter Mitchell proposed the chemiosmotic hypothesis that the protonmotive force drives synthesis of ATP • This theory explains why destruction of the proton gradient inhibits ATP synthesis • Conversely, creation of an artificial proton gradient stimulates ATP synthesis F 1 0TP synthase • A protein complex that allows protons to flow down their IMS electrochemical gradient • The energy from this Matrix proton movement is used to make ATP • ATP is made in the matrix Fig 14-13A E. coli F1 0ATP synthase F 0 • 3 subunits: ab c 2 10 • proton channel F1 • 5 subunits: α β γδε 3 3 • makes ATP Figure courtesy of Dr. Stan Dunn F F ATP synthase 1 0 c10 ε γ α β β α Mechanism of ATP synthesis Movie 14.3 Role of each subunit • F 0 • a – helps form proton channel; anch
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