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Lecture 1

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Chris Brandl

Brandl 11Lecture 1Well focus on stuff in class but the readings are testableThe human genome contains 25 000 genes In any one cell type 10 000 of those genes are expressed to some level so some genes are expressed and some arent Its the expression of diff genes that is essential for growth and differentiation of all cells The key part is some cells express some genes and some cells express other genes Depending on the genes that a cell expresses that determines what type of cell it is This is shown very well in this slide It is two diffs 2D protein gels from all the proteins of the human brain are shown on the left and liver proteins are shown on the right This is a map of all the proteins in each of those tissues There are lots of spots meaning there are lots of proteins expressed If you counted the spots theyd be 10 000There are some differences For ex in the brain theres a protein thats very highly expressed but its not found at all in the liver So its a pattern of gene expression which determines the type of tissue it is You could do this for any tissues and the patterns are going to be differentDepending on the proteins expressed the diff tissues diff organisms can become what they are So for us what is the signicance of gene expressionThe bottom line is that many diseases are due to altered or faulty gene expression So gene expression of one or more genes is messed up theres a good chance thatll result in a diseaseSo many diseases are the result of faulty gene expressionThe ipside of that is that by manipulating gene expression we can reverse or cure disease So faulty gene exp causes disease if we can x gene exp we can cure a disease So thats the signicance of this section as far as human health goes
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