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Biochemistry - Topic 1

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

BiochemTopic 1All tissues in the body rely on chemical reactions and biological molecules Biochemistry is looking at reactions in the cellular levelHow do nucleic acids code for proteinsmain dogma Dogma first proposed by Crickfirst just a theory but now after many years of experiment it is dogma Dna is used as a template to form RNA single strand and through translation protein is made The flow of information starts out at a DNA level and works its way through RNA to proteins DNA tells what type of protein to make Introduces to 2 pieces of terminologygenotype and phenotype Differ in XX XY genotype Differ in heightshair colourCan you have an 8pack 2 large muscles separated by connective tissuerectus abdominusIf the 2 lowest muscles are short you cant have an 8 pack Some people are genetically disposed to having low body fat Difference in physiology makes it difficult to have an 8 pack Anti histaminesuse a certain brand depending on how your body reacts to certain compoundsPharmacogenomicspersonalized medicinesequence DNA using a DNA sequenceridea is in a perfect worldby knowing DNA sequence you will be able to say up front which one you should takeno more trial a
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