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Case Study: Lysozyme

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Case Study LysozymeLysozyme is a protective enzyme to degrade and knock out bacteria to prevent infections or dispose of wastes Lysozymes sever the polysaccharide chains that form the cell walls of bacteria causing it to burst The reaction is a hydrolysis reaction the enzyme adds a molecule of water to a single bond between 2 adjacent sugar groups in the chain causing it to break The free energy of the severed chain is lower then intact therefore the reaction is favourable Energy barrier to the reactions which makes it not just spontaneously occuractivation energy to push the molecules to react The polysaccharide must be pushed into a distorted shape transition shape This requires energy input This is where the lysozyme enzyme comes init has an active site for bonding It is a long grove that holds 6 sugars When the polysaccharide binds it forms an ES complex and the enzyme cuts the polysaccharide by catalyszing the addition of a water molecule to one of its sugarsugar bonds The severed chain is released The activation energy is lowered while this process occurs so that the reaction proceeds Enzyme binds a substrate carbohydrate polysaccharide chain ES complex forms enzyme cleaves the polysaccharide to form the productthe substrate binds between the 2 parts of the
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