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Levels of Protein Structure

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Levels of Protein StructureNo side chain bonding involvedLess than 50 of the average is secondary structure Always end up hydrogen bonding Hydrogen bonding to an electronegative atomrequires 3 atoms to do so All depend on hydrogen bonding between the backbone Secondary structures th120 the strength of a covalent bond Hydrogen bonds form when a hydrogen atom is sandwiched between two electronattracting atoms usually O or N Hydrogen bonds can occur between the polypeptide backbone and water and the protein backbone and other neighbouring polypeptides Side chains stick out due to the lack of interior space Proline causes a kinkproblemalpha helix breaks Beta sheets follow the same bonding rules as the alpha The bonding is still hydrogen not side chain But its hydrogen bonds between polypeptide chains They run parallel to each otherTwo parallel polypeptide chains CoN is the peptide bondBeta sheets run in 2 waysanti parallelthe N terminus of one is butted beside the C terminus of another Parallel beta sheets all have the same C and N lined up Main 2 types of beta pleated forms In parallel it involves wrapping around of the peptide chain Interactions dont involve side chains Arrows point towards the C terminusBeta sheets are formed by hydrogen bonds between backbone atoms on adjacent regions to the peptide backbone called beta strands These in
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