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Protein Function

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Protein FunctionWhat proteins can doseveral hundred thousandsbreadth of functions of proteins is massivedo not memorize Sense of what proteins are able to do in your cellsReason proteins can do so many things is that they can form such a variety of surfacesshape electronic properties The side chains on the protein give the proteins a huge variety of shapes as a result of amino acid side chains secondary and tertiary structures Have shapes for specific reasons What is a ligandmolecule that can bind to proteins and form complexes small molecules various different kinds A ligand is a small molecule and when it binds to the protein it is called a complex This occurs by multiple weak forces and the key factor is that the ligand binds to the binding site with extreme specificity because of the weak forces 2 components involved shape of binding site is specifically designed to fit the ligand tight binding and the binding occurs through multiple weak forces with the side chains that are sticking into the binding site from the protein itself Specificity is important in a pharmacological sensegiving medsdont want it to affect every proteinjust want to t
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