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Quarternary Structure

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Quaternary StructureBeta pleated sheet is made of one polypeptide chain not severalwrapped around itself not several polypeptide chainsOnly get multiple polypeptides in quaternary structure These separate sections are called subunitsMany proteins are composed of multiple polypeptide chains or subunits The crorepressor for example isa homo dimer formed from 2 identical subunits The subunits join in a head to head fashion as 2 small beta sheets 1 form each subunit zipper up and form a larger beta sheet The enzyme neuromenadase is composed of 4 identical subunits arranged in a square Each pair of 2 subunits is held together in a head to tail fashion by repeated use of the same binding attraction This becomes clear when the polypeptide chains are coloured in a random pattern so that the same region of each subunit have the same colours All subunits adhere to eachother through regions Hemoglobin is a tetrameric substance Oxygen binds to the heme groups Each subunit consents whether each neighbouring group has oxygenthey communicateEstrogen rece
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