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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

SDSPageAnalytical Methods SDSPAGESDS is a main component of the whole procedureEstimate the size of the proteinhave a few left want to know if the one you need is actually there Look to see if its the right size by its weight Reason it works is because charged proteins will migrate in an electric fieldgel acts as a sievegel is porouslittle protein will go through quickly and the larger ones will take longerSDS is sodium dodecyl sulfate Common detergent in hair products Important to this technique because it binds with high affinity with proteins binds so much that it makes the protein negatively charged Get rid of any parameters that will make it run at a different speedcharge Use this to make it extremely negative Also can denature the proteins so that it gets rid of their upper level structure Want a long molecule that we can separate on size not based on shape or charge Second thing we need to get rid of the structure is to get rid of the di sulfide bonds important to tertia
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