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ATP Synthesis

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

ATP Synthesis Electron transport chain is generated by a proton gradient Difference is about half a pHThings tend to go from an area of high concentration outside to an area of low concentration inside Protons looking for a way to get back inATP synthaseEnergetically favourable to want to get into the matrix Outside is going to be positively charged while the inside is negatively charged Electron transport chain is doing workpumping protons up hill Concentration difference across the membrane More protons on the top then the bottomdiffuse from an area of high to low concentrationthis will drive them to go inside the matrix Cooperativeblue arrows have different widths The membrane potential is strongermain driving forceProtein complex shownallows a pathway for protons to go acrossthe inner mitochondrial matrix is a tight seal Protons need a special pathway to get across Energetically favourable proton motive forcewill happen spontaneouslydrives rotation the portion that stays stable drives ADP to ATPconverted into chemical energy ATP is made in the matrixMulti subunit complex Bacterial enzymeF0 has the transmembrane subunits in themstuck in the membrane F1membrane peripheral proteins 3 alpha and 3 beta Red subunits and b subunitsred
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