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Carbohydrate Metabolism

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Carbohydrate MetabolismLoad up on carbohydrate storage as glycogen Take glucose 6 phosphateshift the phosphate around and convert it to glycogen This reaction uses UTP as an energy source UTP is an ATP equivalent When you run out of glucoseuse the stored glycogen and break it down Glycogen phosphorylase reverse of synthasegrabs a phosphate from the medium and sticks it onto a terminal glucose to make glucose 1phosphate One enzymecant be used for both directionsGlycogen synthase cant be used for both reactions because it is not reversible Energetically favourable to burn UTP delta Gneed a different enzyme Adding a phosphate to make glycogen taking one off to go in the reverse directionAllosteric regulator on bothIf there is a high concentration of glucose you want to inhibit the production whereas if there is a low amount you want to convert the glycogen in order to get energyGlucose 6 Phosphate is an allosteric regulator if there is a a lot around we wont be using itstoring most of it Conversely turn off the break down of glycogen because we dont need anymore There are other regulations by ATP ATP will inhibit the enzyme and AMP will activate it Lots of ATPlots of useable energy doesnt need to activate pathways that lead to more energy therefore we turn off the pathway to reserve the glycogen stores If ATP is low AMP is high it will bond and glycogen will produce glucose Muscles are selfish dont care about the rest of the body want all the energy to itself Glycogen is stored in muscles in case it needs itGlycogen is also stored in the li
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