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Citric Acid Cycle

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Citric Acid CycleOuter membrane is composed of lipidspore made of proteins allow some molecules across Outter membrane is leakysmall molecules can get across readily but larger proteins cantInner membrane is a tighter sealwont allow polar molecules to cross unless a special pathway existsATP synthesismost of the reactions occur here therefore a higher surface areaIn between the cristae Space inbetween the inner and outer membrane is the intermembrane spaceIndividual cristaenot linearquite extensive have some volume to them These are new images with developed technologyEarly onbefore prokaryoticeukaryotic splitmitochondria came into a symbiotic relationship with a larger cell Mitochondria reproduce by splitting they have their own genome for these reasons we believe they have evolved from bacteria Lynn Margulis Mitochondria also has 2 membranes just as bacteria doFirst carbon is lost Last 2 carbons get oxidized in the citric acid cycleBreathing respiration and cellular respiration is DIFFERENT Pyruvate and oxygen go through a series of reactions to get the final productsStage 2 citric acid cyclelast 2 carbons get oxidizedAcetyle coenzyme Aactually only coenzyme Athe 2 carbons are the acetyl portion Ends in a sulfurhigh energy bond thioester with a sulfur and ac
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