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Electron Transport Protein Complexes

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

ElectronTransport Protein ComplexesWhich type of electron carrier commonly exists as a free molecule that is not associated with a protein Ubiquinone flavins bound Fe2S2 centre heme are Four large complexes in the inner mitochondrial membrane Cofactorsnon protein group bound to a protein to help with its function something it cant do by itselfTwo different pathways of electron flowknow order NADH dehydrogenase takes electrons from the NADH and transfers them to electron carriers Only NADH in the matrix can associate with complex oneNADHQ is an energetically favourable process 4 Protons moved per electron pair Rotenone stops the flow of electrons stop this citric acid cycle stop die Inner mitochondrial membrane where the lipids are Pool of coenzymes Qsome are oxidized and reduced QH2 and Q Starting state One prefers oxidized Q while the other binds QH2 Now complex 3 can work on them Has 2 electrons can give them up 1 at a time 2 protons go into the intermembarne space and the electron goes onto the iron sulfide centre to heme c1 3 diferent hemes in this complex binds to ctyochrome c and it becomes reduced Radical on the Q and it goes to heme bL to heme bH Llow affinity Hhigh affinity and then goes on to the
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