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Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Fatty Acid BiosynthesisEating foodblood glucoseliver is satisfiedeat icecream adds more sugar but the livers already saturated it will end up as acetylcoA dont need ATPits made into fat Once it is in the cytosol we can use it to make fatty acids Taking 2 carbon units and adding them onto each other to make a larger moleculeRegulation Allosteric is dottedfull is Glucagon binds to a receptorcarries out the signal glucagon doesnt directly interact with the lipases signal is the full line fatty acids and glycerol produced Insulin is in the bloodpromote energy storage so insulin turns off the process of breaking down triacylglycerolinteracting through a bunch of intermediates to do so The intermediates in glycolysis and citric acid cycle are not always used for ATP generationcan be used to make other things One glucose moleculeprobably wont get all 30 ATP because some carbons will be lost along the way Cholesterol is in our membrane in ord
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