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Eric Ball

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Topic 74 basic types of building blocks Energy and metabolismtake foods and convert them Big Mac meal will provide energy from how many classes 3Fats Carbohydrates Proteins Dont break down nucleotides for energy 1 dietary calorie1000 scientific calories Which component will give him the most energy Big MacFriesCokefries Hydrocarbon chain with a carboxylic group on the end Various lengthsdifferent numbers of carbons generally even numbersUnsaturated double bonds No rotation around the double bonds Trans forms a relatively straight shape cis however makes it bend in the chain Almost always will be cis in foods natural fatty acids th9 carbon form the carboxylic groupmost commonly where the double bond is placed Monounsaturatedonly one double bond 2 fewer hydrogens ndCis more accurately drawn like the 2 structureThese double bonds are usually placed as so Conjugated double bond system as every carbon is involved in the dou
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