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Topic 8

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 8Carbohydratessugars attached to lipidsproteins Mainly equally split between proteins and lipids There are a lot of proteins in membranesnot just lipidsimportant to remember Proteins are doing different things Four different functions Anchorsspan the membrane and hold position Receptorsknowing whats around the celldetection Enzymesthey carry out a chemical functionembedded in the membraneMoves potassium ions through a membraneharder to because its chargedso we need a protein to aid the movement Properties of the potassium channelhow does it workdoesnt let sodium or lithium go through itonly KK is a bigger ion then the othersallows bigger molecules through but not smaller oneshow does it work 4 different protein subunits coming togetherbecause K is the perfect sizeit can interact with all 4 subunits but the other ions are too small so it doesnt interact equally with all the unitsit prefers to interact with water Venoms contain peptides that bond to the protein channelsloss of function 4 different typestransmembraneacross the membranespan the entire lengthcan cross once or twicethey can go across as alpha helices or beta sheets Monolayerassociated are less commonstick a piece in but dont go all the way through but are embedding in the membrane Lipidlinkedcovalently attached to a lipid
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