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Topic 9

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 9Chiral centre c with 4 different atoms 2 different ways to bond them Diagram shown abovemirror imaginessame 4 atoms bonding but bonded differentlycant superimpose themnot identical molecules different orientation in spaceenantiomers Need a naming system to distinguish between each enantiomerdifferent chemicallyone of the differing properties is that it bends light in different waysplane of polarized light Which is which Guessed and assigned to D to one and L to the other When the OH is on the rightit is D and vice versaThese are the simplest sugarsEach has 4 chiral centresthis is when Fischer projections come in handyThese are all isomerssame number of atoms The are all arranged differently howeverTo number themyou start at the C with the carbonyl groupFructose1 is the first C on the top next to the carbonyl Carbon number 5 is D in all of these structureslast chiral carbon Almost all sugars are DThese dont stay as straight chain moleculesthey cyclise This is in equilibrium as the reverse occurs Straight chain is a more rare form Only C that has 2 bonds to o
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