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Topic 10

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 10Biological order is made possible by the release of heat energy from cells The measure of someones disorder is called the entropy of the system and the greater the disorder the greater the entropy A system will go towards more disorder Cells obey the second law of thermodynamics because they take in energy from the environmentin the form of food inorganic molecules or photons of light from the sunand it then uses this energy to generate order within itself forging new chemical bonds or building large macromolecules The chemical bond energy is converted into heat The amount of heat released must be great enough to compensate the order inside the cell and the decrease in the environmentAmounts of energy in different forms will change as a result of the chemical reactions inside the cell but the first law tells us that the total amount of energy in the universe must always be the sameGeneral reactioneach reactant has a Gibbs free energy associated with it delta G is the productsreactantsThis determines whether or not the reaction will be spontaneous The reaction is determined by the nature of the reactants bind in a certain way because of the chemistry of the molecule but also the environment and conditionsReactants are going to spontaneously convert to products reversible reaction Gibbs free energy is higher in reactants so the delta G is less then 0which means its going to spontaneously occurAs time passes youll h
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