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Topic 11

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Eric Ball

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Topic 11Eat foodcatabolic pathways break down larger molecules into smaller building blocks in order to extract useful forms of energy and reducing powerlose energy as heatBuilding blocks are used in the anabolic pathway to make larger moleculesMetabolismbreaking things down Anabolismmaking things Product of one is a substrate for the next one Fluxrate of movement through the pathway want the delta G to be negative all the way from Adont want any to be positive About 0around equilibrium but a couple are negative and these drive the reaction forward If one is positiveget stuck at that pointProducts are strongly favouredreaction is still very negative so changing the reactants a little bit wont affect the reaction He reverse is very minimal The forward reaction is dominating too muchtherefore irreversible reactions Gibbs free energy is so negative that it wont happenMost reactions are reversibleequilibrium For 3 reactions they are irreversible because the delta G is too negative big slope To increase flux through this pathway the cell must increase the activity of the enzymes catalyzingThings are done in the most efficient way possible Flat reactionif you increase reactivity enzymes catalyze reactions in both reactionsle chataliersif you increase the activityyou will increase the rat
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