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Topic 16

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 16 Run out of glycogen what energy source does the muscle obtain Glucose made in the liver by gluconeogenesis and fats fromHormone sensitive lipase cleaves the fatty acid from the glycerol 3 fatty acids and glycerol left overUnder low glucose conditions liver is getting the most Fatty acids have to go from the bloodstream to the cell have to get them into the mitochondrial matrix Acetyl CoA transfers fatty acidshigh energy bond between the acetyl CoA and fatty acidneed a high energy input to form the bondN represents any number of carbonsAdd a double bond which gives an FADH2 oxidation reactionthere is the reduction Add water to make an alcoholanother redox reaction alcohol is oxidized toa ketone so NAD is reduce to NADH Another coenzyme A can attack the carbon and kick of a 2 carbon acetyl groupget the fatty acid chain but youve lost 2 carbons on the acidCell isnt stuck on using normal fatty acidscan handle other acids 5 carbon unit to 3codd number of carbonsbody can handle it elements of unsatbody can handle it however one of the steps is making a d
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