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Topic 18

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 18DNApassing onto children blueprint for self Sugar made of RNAribose Ribose gets modified at the anomeric carbon with a nitrogenous base Basesugarnucleoside Cytidine refers to the entire structure Now it cant flip between alpha and beta due to the glycosidic bondDont memorize the numbering system of the basesonly the carbohydratesNucleotide when a phosphate is added to the existing structureMonoditri phosphates ATPlooks similarit is one of the building blocks of RNADNAtaken an O off therefore deoxyriboseSee nucleotidecan be ambiguousnot sure if its dealing with a ribonucleotide or deoxynucleotideCharacterized by double ring structuredont need to memorize the structure tell difference between a purine and pyrimidine Joined to the sugar by the NH on the 5 carbon ring Relatively hydrophobicdouble bonds pie electron clouds above and below rings which are susceptible to vanderwaals forces Planar shapesCharacterized by a single ring Only difference between T and U1 methyl group undergo hydrogen bonding in the sameway Planar structures with pie electron characteristicsPut them together and get polymers Ends have different chemical naturesdistinct from each other This is the polarity of the DNA moleculetalks about the fact that the 5 end and 3 end are differentGATCDNA because of T
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