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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 191 meter worth of DNA that needs to fit into your cells How do you condense itDNA must be compressed but accessible Must be some way to organize itHistones are a family of proteins5 types Relatively small proteins193 residies in length Lysine and Arginine in pink rest are in blackMore abundant in lysine and arginineThese proteins are highly conserved How closely the proteinDNA sequence matches one organism to another organismThis shows similar DNA sequencesgreatest is a difference of 8 Substitutions of amino acids are not tolerated at allThese mutations happen randomly Even if there is a substitution the properties of the residue tend to be similar Lysine is similar to Rpositive chargeGrey is the DNA wrapping around DNA is flexible enough to wrap around in a reasonably tight structure Can crystallize this First sentencememorize Histone octamersDNAIf you tease away the DNAstraight chain looks like beads on a thread Linker regions between the core particles Some are close while others are more distantthese vary Linker region is DNA so it is a part of the nucleosome146 in core linker is about 50therefore 200 base pairs long in the nucleosomeFirst level of packaging H3tailNterminus unstructured and
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