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Topic 20

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 20semiconservativestart out with a parent and end up with 2 daughter helices contains 1 from maternal strand and 1 from paternal strand 200202 in textbook experimentinitiation replication doesnt start randomly replication originswhere it starts special about these Rich in AT base pairs2 H bondsclue that they are not quite as strong dont hold the double helix togetherpull it apart at these strandsbest need to expose the bases in order to synthesize a new strand many of these scattered throughout the genome if your smallecoliget away with just 1 but we have many of these regions spread throughout the chromosome single stranded bubblereplication bubble formed get protein helicase comes in to unwind the DNA but it requires the replication bubble to start 1 helicase at each fork single stranded regions which are complimentary to each othergood for them to come back together want to keep them separatesingle strand binding proteins keep them from coming back togetherPrimse doesnt need to be accurate becauseTranscribes the 5 to 3 end RHStemplatepolari
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