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Lac Operon

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Lac OperonContains genes required to metabolise lactoseThey are turned on when lactose is around They are not required for biosynthesis of lactose but for metabolism of lactoseIt has both neg and positve regulation Negative aspect is simlar to tryp repressor ve regulation of lac operon We got operon lac z lac y and lac a Theres 10 and 35Also got operatorthis case its down stream for 10Its got operator Operator is downstream from minus 10 operator binds to protein lac repressor Rna polymerase cant get in and start transcriptionIn absence of lactose lac repressor binds the lac operator inhibiting access of RNAP Its the lac repressor that doesnt have the lac bound to it which is a bit different than what we saw with tryptophan In presence of lactose lac repressor binds lactose and dissociates from operator Falls of dna and polymerease come and transcribe geneMinus 10 and 35 for lac promoter are not goodnot strong So we get only one squigglePositive regulation of lac operon is sensitive to the presenceabsence of glucose in the cellular environment Positive regulation senses glucose Its
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