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Regulation of Gene Expression

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Regulation of Gene ExpressionSome genes are transcribed more so than others How does that happen Different genes are expressed at different levels how do we express them at different levels1Some genes have better 10 and 35 sequences than othe genes Not all have same sequence Some are better than others 10 and 35 are not created equal some promoters are better than others This is not dymanic Promoter cant change 10 and 35 it is what it iscant changeits static One way bac to regulate gene expressionSome promotors dont bind RNA polymerase very well so they arent expressed as much 10 and 35 arent very good This isnt dynamic A cell cant change what is in the promoter in real time only evolutionary non dynamic or static way There is more than one sigma factoreach recognizes different promotersDifferent sigma factorsdifferent regulatory elements Most work for housekeeping sigma 7 Nitrogen 54nitrogen metabolism or sigma HS which is heat shockDifferent sigma factorscontrolling of
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