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Steps of Regulation

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Eric Ball

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Steps of RegulationClicker there are more than 10 steps at which genes can be regulatedThere are manys teps Transcription you can break it into three steps initiation elongation and termination Eahc of these can regulated which regualte gene expression You can control those and regulate each Once you got primary transcript there are many additional steps of reuglatin rna editing 5 capping splicing 3 polyadenlyation Pimary transcipt gets modified in nucleuis before gene could be expressed rna editing sometimes rna is slightly changed puts in different bases and rna doesnt always look exactly like dna 5 capping puts in acetyl methly gunosisne in 5It can be regulated3 polyadenlyation puts poly a tail at the endspcligin is also regualted at these 4 steps rna level can be regulatedAnother key step in euk cell Messenger rna exportthere is the nucleus rna is made and porcessed in there but to be translted it has to get to cytoplasmtransport of mrna from nucleus to cytoplsm is a highly regulated process Numerous proteins involved Active processmrna export is a
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