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Topic 22

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

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Topic 22All prokaryotes have cell walls but only some have euk have cell wallie plants and fungiinfo is stored in dna in forms of genes Human gene codes about 25000 gene in any one cell type 10000 are expressed at various levels Some are expressed very high and some are expressed very lowthe expression of correct genes is essential for growth and differentiation of all cells Those 10000 geneswhich 10000 are expresseddepends on what cell type is Those expressed in muscle are a lot diff than liverhuman genome encodes 25 000 different protein encoding genes Most disease states result from alterations in expression of one or more genes Many are result are from gene being udner expressed or over expressed Either can result in diseaseOverexpression or underexpression can lead to diseased state Correct expressino is crucial in matining healthy org by manipulating gene express
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