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Restriction Enzymes

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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Restriction EnzymesKey aspect of letting molecular bio startwithout it we wouldnt have recombinant techniques Restriction enzymes can be thought of as site specific DNA scissors They recognize specific sequences in DNA and cut it Dna is a very long megabase pairs relatively homogenous polymer It is made up of same four base pairsits big and homogenous To manipulate it you need ways to cut dna into defined fragments Restriction enzymes will allow dna to be broken up into defined workable units Its easy to break dna into random unitsbut we want specific cuts out of dnaso were working with defined unitsr enzymes will do this Restriction enzymes allow dna to be broken up into defined workable unitsRestriction enzyme Def site specific dna binding protein that recognize and cleave palindromic DNA sequences of 4 6 8 base pairsThey are dna binding proteins just like trp repressor lac repressor capall dna binding proteins Diff b restriction enzyme is that they cut dnaas opposed to others like trpis jut they sit Restrictio
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