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Topic 24

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Topic 24Number of human diseases related to defects in translation process The genetic code spells out the amino acid sequence in 3 letter words called codonsWhy is each codon 3 basesHow many amino acids are used for protein synthesis in the cell how many different codons does the cell need 20 codonsWhy code has to be 3 letter Why 3 bases in lengthGiven any nucleotide can be AUG or C how many different 3 base codons are there a4 b8 c16 d32 e646443One letter code with AGUC would provide 4 codons A two letter code would provide 4 x 416 codons A three letter code would provide 4 x 4 x 464 codons Three letter code will work as ther are 20 amino acids a 3 letter code 64 codons is sufficient 3 bases is the MINIMUM that would code for 20 amino acids Key feature
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