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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

TranslationFigure 733 assumes that translation has already started A peptidyltrna is in the p site of the ribosomeAaminoacyltrna binds to the a site of the ribosome Requires base pairing between the trna and the codonWe got 5 end and 3 end of rna We got peptidyl trna in the p site That is a trna bonded to peptideAmino acyl trna comes on a site of ribosome This requires basepairing between trna and codon with exception of wobble Its not just any aminacyl trnait has to be recognized through base pairing ribosome can tell base pairing is going on or notStep 2 is the enzymatic stepThe energy grom esterbonds of the peptidyltrna in the P site is used to form a new peptide bond between the amino acids in the A and P sites The erngy from the bond is used to make peptide bond between amino acid 3 and 4 herePeptdie bond formation is coupled to a conformation change in the ribosome that shifts the large subunit forward This conformational change repositions the trnasP into E and A into P
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