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DNA Fingerprinting

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

DNA FingerprintingVNTRs or STRs There are sequences in genome called vntr which are repeat sequences ie cacacawhere that repeat varies form 440 times depending on allelesWe have hundreds of thousands of these repeat sequences They are variable from allele to allele in population Repeat sequences found throughout genome many times in diff places We dont know what they do but theyre thereNumber of repeats differ so length of fragment differs In many regions of our genome there are repetitive sequences CACACACA The repeat varies from 440 times depeding on the allele VNTRs The repeat sequences are called VNTRs for Vaandem Repeats or STRs fro short tandem repeatsNumber of repeats differs there fore length of fragment differs If PCR reactions is performed using genomic DNA from one person and a pair of primers flanking one VNTR locus two bands will usually be seen after gel electrophoresi
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