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Transgenic Organisms

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

Transgenic OrganismsTransgenic org def an organism that has had its genome permanently altered by genetic engineeringAntyhign with its genome changed and this change is stable is called GMOgenetically moified organismWe use them in research and biotechnology To the genome of the mouse on the left has been added the gene encoding rat growth hormone Left guy grows much biggerits offsprign will also grow bigger bc the gene encoding the hormone is stable First gmo created 3 types of genetic modifications you have1Gene replacementwe alter gene and you put that back into organismthats gene replacement2Gene knockout totally remove gene3Gene addition you add gene that is not commonly found in organism You dont take anything away but add in new geneHow do you create gmo Integrate altered dna into the orgs genome through process of HOMOLOGOUS RECOMBINATION You can target gene into genomethey find their place where they match up and find their place in genome Some org do homologous recombination well but others donthumans dont but yeast does h
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