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Topic 23

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Western University
Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

Topic 23We got primary transcript made before that can be translated that primarytranscript must be porcessed You dont make pirmary transcript having sitting around and gets 5 caped and 3pol adenylated all processes happen as soon as they can As soon as 5 end is madeand comes out of rna polymerase it almost right away gets capped Allprocesses are concerted with each other and with transcription Rna transcript doesnt sit around and wait to be capped and adenylated Primary transcripts becomes a mRNA for export out of the nucleus and translation5 capping3 polyadenlationSplicingConcerted processeshappen togetherRequire specific enzymes for these processes Primary transcript becomes a mRNA for export out of the nucleus and translation3 processing events These processes are concerted so they are all happening at thesame time as transcriptionWe got pimary transcriptdont memorize strucutrebut there s 7methylquanosine cap on transcript Here is our primary transcript and we got 5 end To that we add 55linkagethatis a 55 linkage of 7 met
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