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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

Topic 28If you have dna duplex and u heat it or put it in alkaline it will denature The twostrands will come apart The two strands will meltany one DNAcharacteristic of how it melts is dependent on dna sequence Melting temperature TMgiven any specific dna at concentration of 1 molar thetemperature at which 50 of the molecules are single stranded is defined asmelting pt Conc of Dnawere not talking about one moleculein population of moleculehalfof them meltednot one being half melted Pattern here given genericallyGiven specific dna at concentration of 1M the temperature at which 50 if themolecules are single stranded is defiend as the melting temperature TM Pattern is shown hereat low temp dna is double stranded As you heat upmolecule melts and at the temperature half of them are melted TM and as you gohigher all of them are melted Where half of them is melted TMWhat determines melting characters that determine melting temp some factors areextrinsic env that dna is in and intrinsic characteristic of dna itself First factor intrinsicIntrinsic features of molecule itself1GC content Dna wit more GC content will have
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