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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

CancerBenign tumor left Its encapsulate and can be surgically removed easily Malignant tumor right these tumors are not contained not encapsulated so they can move throughout the body and tissue It can start a benign but it can secrete proteases that allow it to go through the basal lamina and go into the blood stream where it can penetrate through blood vessels and metasise in other tissues A very difficult form of cancer to treatmove from primary sites to secondary sites normal tissue found growing on a basal lamina cancer cells can break through this lamina no longer contained where they should bego into a lymphaticblood vessel and spread throughout the body or into other tissues and grow thereSome genes that result in cancer can be inherited Some forms of cancer can be inherited So we know cancer is a genetic disease because it can be inheritedif you inherit two bad copies of Rb you get it at a young age xeroderma pihmentosaone gene Chemicals that damage DNA can result in cancer Mutagensthings that cause DNA da
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