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Transfer RNA

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

tRNAIt Brings the amino acid to the growing polypeptide chainSimilar strucutre for all trnasThe guy that moves the amino acids aroundThey share lots of functional similarities About 80 bases in length2d cloverleaf structure due to internal base pairing of the RNA single strandedinternally base pair stems and loops structure4 stems and 3 loopsA clover leafthey always have complex secondary structuresrna is known forinternal base pairing They also have nonconventional basesits not one of the regular ones greeklettertRNA usually have at least 1 of these not that difficult from a regular baseThese are modified bases happens after the tRNA is madenot transcribed as analternate baseenzyme that catalyzes the conversion of uridine to pseudouidine 2 key single stranede reigions in rna which play crucial role in functino13 acceptor sitewe have 3 end and thats whats attached to amino acid 3 aminoacid receptrosite is attached to amino acidall tRNA have the CCAadded on after t
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