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Restriction Mapping

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

Restriction MappingA dna molecule can be defined by the number and positions of its restriction enzymecut sitesThis is called restriction mapping dnafiguring out whereeach dna will giveunique and distinct pattern If you have any dna of interest you can characterize that by defining position ofrestriction enzyme cut sites and how many it has What would gel pattern of following 5000bp circular dna look like after digestionwith EcoRI Sst1 and a double digest of EcoRI and Sstl Shown herewith EcoRI we get 3000 and the other side2000With SStl we only have one cute site and we get linearlized dnaIf we cut both together we get three fragments we get 3000 and we get 1500 and500 restriction map for the dna Bigger bands are darker than smaller bands Thats cuz when u stain it eth brbinds to dna on molar basismasswiseso mass for small is less than large sostains lighter What would the restriction map be for this 4000 bp linear molecule digest withEcoRi an dHindIILike any other enzyme EACH restriction enzyme has preferred conditions in which
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