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Biochemistry 3381A
Terry Biggs

A8 CELLMATRIX INTERACTIONS Tissues and their Extracellular Matrix The extracellular matrix ECM is an important network of secreted macromolecules that has many functions 1 Helps to hold cells and tissues together 2 Provides an organized environment where migratory cells can move and interact with one another in orderly ways 3 Provides information to the cell a bidirectional transfer of information which regulates cell proliferation differentiation and survival The ECM is a complex meshwork of proteins and polysaccharides that are secreted by cells into the spaces that surround themThe ability of the cells to sense their environment the matrix and cells around them and for the ability of the matrix or surrounding cells to give information to the cells in the tissue is absolutely essential for the normal processes of the cell From the different tissue types the most different with regards to the cellular component versus the matrix component is connective type tissues versus epithelial type tissues Compare and contrast epithelial and connective tissue Epithelial tissue Connective tissue
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