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Biology 1001A

Lecture 22 Arms Race  Evolutionary innovations can induce adaptive radiation  o angiosperms use animals as pollinators o different pollinators -> reproductive isolation  What's in it for the bird?  o nectar, food  When two species interact...  o Both may benefit: Mutualism o Both may suffer: Competition o One may benefit at the expense of the other: anatgonism  Evolutionary arms race  o adaptation by species A improves its ability to interact with species B o selection pressure on B to evolve counter-adaptation o selection pressure on A to evolve counter-counter-adaptation  Improved equipment =/= improved success  Who wins the arms race?  o may keep escalating until costs outweigh benefits o  Red Queen equilibrium o sometimes, one side has the advantage o  generation time  population size  strength of selection  Life-dinner principle  o prey need to run for their lives, if got caught, they're dead o predator just don't get to eat, if does not catch a prey  Arms races between mutualists  Back to antagonism... Host-parasite relationships  o Parasite gets resources at the expens
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