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Lecture 11

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

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Biology 1001A Inheritance of Variation October 17, 2012  Where are the genes for making a uterus?  X chromosome of mother, X chromosome of father and autosomes like Chr6 and 14, aka everywhere  People used to believe that inheritance was by “blending”  Aka dark skinned person and light skinned person would make a medium coloured person  Kind of like mixing paint  Polygenic traits shown continuous variation in a population  Dominant alleles make your skin darker, recessive alleles make your skin lighter  Continuous variation from one side to the other  If inheritance is blending, if you cross two intermediates together, you can get extreme types back among offspring for polygenic traits (controlled by many genes)  Mendel: Inheritance is not blending, it’s particulate. There are factors that contribute to inheritance  Careful experimentation with controlled crosses and quantitative analyses led to an explanatory model  Variations in traits due to different alleles  Alleles segregate randomly into gametes  Organisms inherit two alleles froe ach trait  Appearance of heterozygotes determined by dominant alleles  Gametes come from meiosis  Punnet squares distributed like that (Pp separated) because of separation during meiosis  Product rule of probability: multiply together to get a quarter (½ p x ½
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