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Biology 1001A
Nicholas Hudson

7/9/2013 3:15:00 PM Lecture Outcomes age of the Earth. 4.6 bya old age of start of life on Earth. 4 bya domains of life. Bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes characterisitics of LUCA although we have LUCA (last universal common ancestor), it doesn’t mean that life started form one form. Before LUCA was probably many other forms of life; however, all died off EXCEPT the little branch which produced LUCA. characteristics shared by all domains of life. (C L A D P G) 1. CELLS MADE OF LIPIDS 2. GENETIC SYSTEM BASED ON DNA 3. DNA TO RNA TO PROTEIN TRANSFER OF INFO 4. COMMON SYS OF PROT AASEMBLY 5. ATP 6. GLUCOSE AND GLYCOLYSIS reason why the term “prokaryote” is inappropriate. Before, prokaryotes consisted of the bactera and archaea put together; however, this is NONSENSE b/c bac and arch are NOT related. In fact, ARCHAEA and EUKARYOTES are much more closely related!!!! Moreover, “pro” means anteriority, although there is NO evidence that prok came before euk! Also, prok suggest directionality (simple to complex) although this is NOT NEC how evolution works. reductive evolution explanation for rise o
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