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Biology 1001A
Nicholas Hudson

7/9/2013 3:17:00 PM most recent common ancestor (MRCA) for a given group(s), given a phylogenetic tree. Human shared MRCA with … chimps and bonobos gorillas (MRCA fo all great Afircan apes… is this right?) orang utans (MRCA of all great apes) Gibbons (MRCA of all apes) Old world monkeys then new world monkeys Tarsiers Lemurs and Lorises (MRCA of all primates) METEOR Rodents and rabbits Laurasiatheres (i.e. bats, insectivora, carnivora hippo) Marsupials Monotremes (mammals but lay eggs; MRCA of ALL MAMMALS) Reptiles (including birds b/c snakes and lizards have a MRCA with birds i.e. than with turtles) Amphibians (MRCA of all terapods) Lungfish, coelacanths, ray-finned fish, sharks, jawless fish (MRCA of all vertebrates) Protosomes Fungi Amoebozoans Plants Archaea (MRCA of ALL EUK) Bacteria (MRCA with bas is LUCA) why the idea that “humans are descended from chimps” is inaccurate. Humans SHARE a MRCA with chimps; we are like their cousins! But we did not DESCEND from them order of main branching events in tree of life (dates not testable). See Lecture Outcome 1 cause of global catastrophe associated with mass extinction 65 mya METEOR which changed temperature and availability of light. Half of species alive on earth (including dinosaurs) went extinct. relative proportion of protostome vs. deuterostome species. - Together with the deuterostomes and a
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