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Lecture 6

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Independent Study Outcomes 1. purine and pyrimidine base-pairing in DNA/RNA 2. outcome of the classic Meselson and Stahl experiment 3. direction of movement of DNA polymerase on the template strand 4. meaning of semi-conservative, semi-discontinuous, leading and lagging strand 5. general action of proteins in Fig. 12.15 1. purine =fused carbon nitrogen ring (ie: adenine and guanine) pyrimidine = single carbon ring (ie: thymine, cytosin) 2. -DNA replication is semi-conservative 3. five prime to three prime 4. semi-conservative: each of the two strands of original DNA serves as template for new double DNA helix semi-discontinuous: discontinuous in the lagging template strand. 5. Lecture Outcomes In multiple choice questions, identify the 1. basic structure of double-stranded DNA 2. components necessary for DNA synthesis 3. direction of elongation of a given DNA strand 4. structure of a replication bubble 5. relationship bet
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