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Lecture 19

Lecture 19: "Ecology"

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Biology 1001A
Susanne Kohalmi

Biology Lecture No 19 Ecology thWednesday November 16 2011 RECALL Copes Rule Increase in body size over evolutionary time is a pattern prevalent among most species Possible Explanations For Copes Rule Individuallevel selection Selective pressures that influence a single individual of a population to become bigger Specieslevel selection Selective pressures that influence an entire population of a particular species to become bigger Passivefloor effect A phenomenon that involves the fact that because the simplest first organisms were smallbodied there is no new size for species to evolve but bigger versionsExceptions To Copes Rule Insect exoskeletons limit evolutionary increase in body size due to their uniquely rigid structure In various mollusc lineages relatively the same amount of individuals increased stayed the same or decreased in body
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