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Lecture 3

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 3: The Origin of Life-by Denis Maxwell January 1- (4,600 mya) So, what is life? • Mars Curiosity Life developed early • Stromatolites (3.5 billion years ago) – cyanobacteria • life evolved within... LUCA Bacteria Eukaryotes • Cells made of lipids • Genetic system based on DNAaeaa • DNA to RNA to Protein transfer of information • Common system of protein assembly • Proteins • ATP • Glucose What came before LUCA? Eukaryotes Bacteria Bacteria Archaea Prokaryotes don’t exist! Eukaryotes Bacteria Bacteri Archaea a a Stages of prebiotic evolution So what do you need? Geophysical What was the composition of Stage the Earth and atmosphere? Reasonably understood Chemical How could the building blocks Stage of life be synthesized? Biological How did the building blocks Stage organize into living cells? Australopithecus afarensis Chemical stage • Can one make organic molecules from inorganic • Miller-Urey experiment molecules? Miller Urey Experiment • Unanswered questions... – Development of polymers (he made only monomers) – Chirality (“handedness”)-e.g; 2 hands can’t overlap Chirality • Chirality...”handedness” • Two enantomers (optical isomers) COOH COOH D - alanine L - alanine NH2 H2N
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